We're passionate about sustainable food systems.

Formed out of the culmination of years of learning in the classroom, forest, field and farmland. Our experiences around environmental health and the ecological impacts of the current food system have led us to the realization that we need to do what ever we can in order to move away from the negligent, industrialized, monoculture based food systems in place today. Urban farming gives purpose to underused spaces in the city, while lowering the distance that the food travels, and generating local economic development, which brings us closer to a sustainable food system.  Urban farming paired with agroforestry and permaculture methods can bring us to a whole new level, beyond sustainable~ and into resilience


Jon Middleton

 before settling in Minneapolis to start Boot Strap Urban Farm, Jon worked on Organic farms around the country for several years including FArms such as Bee Heaven & Fox Tail during this time Jon gained hands on experience with the inner workings of community supported agriculture, growing real good food. In addition to farming Jon studies sound arts at mctc and can be found playing music in gardens and show spaces, planting seeds, harvesting, tending to the green house and cultivating the perfect tomato, growing yummy food, building soil health, social equity, and balanced ecologic systems.