Bootstrap Urban Farm was born in mid-October of 2011, out of the desire to build a self-sufficient Minneapolis. Our major focus is on creating habitat and ecosystems in our gardens. We practice a more sustainable model of the traditional farm. This is accomplished through growing as much organic food as we can directly in the community in which it is disbursed, this reduces the carbon footprint by eliminating the need for pesticides, herbicides and cutting down on the amount of transportation used in our current agricultural structures, providing and ensuring food access to people of all economic backgrounds in our urban community.

We use yards and empty lots that would otherwise be lawns or neglected & underutilized spaces in south Minneapolis. We also grow on an acre in Taylors Falls Minnesota. We implement a holistic systems approach to agriculture. Our growing methods are resilience based, sustainable and organic. We believe that growing food has to be about more than just that and must also show respect to the rocks, trees, plants and animals. So we choose to incorporate permaculture and polyculture plantings in all of our gardens. We are revitalizing and replenishing earth as we cultivate. We work to create habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects, birds and more. In turn, we harvest a deliciously diverse abundance of heirloom vegetables and herbs.

Bootstrap Urban Farm's mission is to eliminate hunger and restore ecological balance to the Twin Cities.

 AGriculture shares

We offer CSA shares,  our Community Supported Agriculture shares are bi-weekly boxes full of a devise array of mindfully cultivated produce, from arugula to zucchini we grow more than 40 species of non-GMO vegetables. We provide a sliding scale so that organically cultivated food can be available to people of all income levels. We also donate to food shelves to give people in need real good food.

herbalism shares

We offer Community Supported Herbalism Shares, using the community supported agriculture model, to bring you herbal crafts, such as tea, tinctures, creams, honeys and other delicious healthy value added products. We cultivate and craft herbal medicine products that support overall health through the changing seasons here in Minnesota, using herbs we grow.

2016 APPRENTICES | growing the future

we work with Apprentices from Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate , to pass on skills and knoladge through hands on garden experice. 





Jacquie Redlin