Giving back


We are taking active role in creating food justice by contributing produce to our local Food Shelf for the 3rd year. this time around we are aiming at donating weekly boxes of fresh organic produce not just the overgrown summer squash or the 100 pounds of extra tomatoes but other goodies like fresh basil, lettuce, radishes, beets and carrots. Beyond bringing you delicious fresh local vegetables, your subscription to our CSA helps to grow the local food movement, it ensures that we can continue working to turn Minneapolis into a beautiful garden while enriching the lives of other low income residents in Minneapolis. You can help out by choosing to donate an entire csa share to the food shelf or pitch in what you can to support our voulnteer donations. Everyone deserves to eat real good food free of chemicals and pesticides! Donating to our food shelf fund helps us give more to the Sabathani Community Center Food Shelf in the 2017 season.