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Add Nature’s Magic to Your Life

We grow and harvest, process and prepare local herbs

to craft the finest quality teas, syrups,tinctures, tonics and specialty body care products.

Our herbal shares come with brews formulated to support your health throughout the changing seasons.

 take it a season at a time & sign up for one basket to try it out

or enjoy one herb basket for each of the four seasons with a year long subscription

Each share comes with a guide to the herbs and products included


Support local medicine from seed to harvest

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~A year-long subscription~



Summer Kit: Sunscreen | Herbal Bug Repellent | Peace Tea | Cooling Spritzer | Healing Skin Powder | Relaxing Bath Blend | Seasonal Fresh Herbs

Fall Kit: Warming Hand Salve | Cough Syrup | Immune Chai Tea Blend | Warming Bath Salts | Fall Cleanse Tincture Blend | Smudge Stick | Rosemary honey

Winter Kit: Elderberry Immune Syrup | Fire Cider | Calendula Cream | Head Aid Tea | Lemon Balm Lip Balm | Thyme Tincture | Echinacea Tincture

Spring Kit: Gardener’s Hand Salve | Spring Bitters Syrup | Herbal Tooth Powder | Spring Tonic Tea | Memory Tonic Tincture | Dandelion Tincture | Sunshine Bath Blend


Our 2017 summer kit will be ready June 21st

Summer~ Community Supported Herbalism Share
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Nourish your body and soul one season at a time. Mindfully cultivated and carefully crafted in small batches to bring you a taste of what wonders nature has to offer

our 2017 summer kit includes :Sunscreen | Herbal Bug Repellent | Cooling Tonic Tea | Cooling Spritzer | Healing Skin Powder | Relaxing Bath Blend | Seasonal Fresh Herbs

wellness by the season

 Each of the quarterly boxes contains 7 handcrafted rejuvenating herbal preparations in the form of teas, tinctures, syrups, creams, salves, powders, lip balms,bath blends & fresh herbs that are specially formulated to help you stay healthy. We offer a great variety within each seasonal kit. Products may differ slightly each year depending on what we grow or gather that season:depending on our harvest you may get add extra item in that seasons box! Each share also comes with an informational write up to help you learn more about the herbal goods included. For each of the seasonal shares we use food safe herbs that help you to feel your best during that seasons.



Plant based medicine is the first medicine—the people’s medicine.