winters End

We are nearing winters end. The sun is returning to our peace of earth, warming our lives and our gardens once again. As the days gain light we are gearing up for another wonderful season. We have spent the long winter nights studying permaculture, and gardening books, planning/ mapping the coming season and the best route to growing a diverse abundance of delicious vegetables. We took careful inventory of the seeds that we saved from last years harvest. We have poured over the many well crafted organic non-G.M.O. seed catalogs. We picked out the best varieties for our climate, paying close attention to notes from our gardens over the years, our growing zone and put in orders for the seeds of our choice. We have built more shelves for starting plants, and set up our green house. We have planted thousands of seeds in flats and more are soon to come. The snow is melting and I have seen green buds on trees, Irises are just starting to poke up out of the still chilly soil and reach up into the ever increasing sun light, herbs and strawberry plants still green under the retreating snow and ice. Birds that took their winter journey elsewhere are starting to return to Minnesota and grace us once again with their song. signs of life after the winter tundra. The seasons are a joy and a blessing that I'm thank full for~ rest and recuperation of winter gets me ready for the planting season. Our climate is an interesting one, last week we hadrain, a mini blizzard, a 50+ degree sunny day the chill of 31~  resting at frozen , and now 70 degrees on march 8th, sun warming us~ thawing the soil enough to spread back the straw and leaves we have in place as mulch to plant spinach, beets and radishes~ allowing for us to plant many elderberry cuttings. It is a kind of magic that the smell of moist soil that the first spring rain brings.