seeds and plants

We have been starting more seeds every week since February, here is a partiatal list of what we have started so far: starting with allium family plants (onions) such as long red Florance, torpedo, alisa cragg, and yellow of parma & leeks. a few of our favorite herbs, sage, rosemary, valerian, basil, tulsi, parsley, echinacea artichokes & lemon grass. Then moving to the brassica family plants, broccoli,cabbage(both red and green), kale, collards, romanesco & both white and purple cauliflower. next we planted nightshades (tomatoes & pepper family) galore! eggplants, peppers Habanero, Jalapeno, red bell, cherry bomb, pablano. and heirloom tomatoes including Cherokee purple, aunt Gertie's, nayogous, hill billy potato leaf and more. Now we are on to starting spinach and lettuce,

all of our seeds are organic, heirloom, non GMO and many we have saved ourselves. so this year we ordered seeds from; seed savers exchange, bakers creek heirloom seeds, and southern exposure seed exchange. We are excited to put our seed potato order in during the next week and have been carefully choosing some of our favorite most delicious and productive varieties.

The planting is fun and has been made even funner and easier this year due to our apprentice Laura who came to us through part of the permaculture research institute"s apprenticeship program.  It is wonderfully rewarding to help plants grow and flourish, it has been a pleasure to share the know how and knowledge of CSA farming with Laura during this early spring planting time.