August 10 14


this weeks box has Tomatoes Carrots Squash Cucumbers Potatoes Broccoli Beans Kale Rosemary Dill Cilantro

 After unseasonably cold nights and multiple confrontations with an inconsiderate squirrel, the tomatoes are finally here. In our first year as a CSA, early Czech Bush Tomatoes were ripe by June. Last year they were ripe by July. This year we had to wait until August because due to global climate disruption, Minnesota has been gifted the air from an arctic jet stream since January. Some plants have responded quite well to the cooler summer but tomatoes have been quite slow to ripen and have almost come in danger of falling of the vines a couple of nights as that is what happens when the temperatures fall below 50. They have bravely held out through the cold nights and now they are quite delicious.

As I mentioned earlier some tomatoes have also gone through squirrel damage. We left those out of your boxes though. We have a variety of techniques to deal with the animals eating our vegetables. In May we asked Orin to run and scream like a monster towards a very fat rabbit coming down the sidewalk. The rabbit had been visiting us for a couple months, mainly rummaging through our compost, but some of our kale starts had began to be eaten. After Orin scared the rabbit away, they did not come back. A couple weeks ago, Eve had a conversation with the squirrel in our yard about how they could have anything in the compost but they should stop biting holes in all of the ripe tomatoes because we had to sell them in order to pay for living here and growing this food. The squirrel listened intently and looked at her the whole time she was talking but disregarded the conversation entirely a couple days later. Due to the squirrel’s unwillingness to accept this proposal, I decided to go to mother earth gardens and buy a squirrel repellent made out of dried blood and essential oils. I sprinkled them around the base of our tomato plants, the squirrel stayed away, and that is how you have tomatoes today.

Thanks for helping us turn the city into a garden,