I realized that the thaw is finally happening! Today in the garden I noticed that the chamomile we planted last year is as green and vibrant as ever, despite being frozen in a ice bed, and having just been covered with more than two feet of snow. What an amazing tough and resilient little plant. I whole heatedly embrace the essence of that resilience, that calm strength that chamomile has- it brings to mind something a friend told me the other day "we have to live for now not for the future"  if we say oh some day I will live sustainability or some day in the future I will read that book or grow that plant or plant that fruit tree, we will never get there we need to be living instead like the chamomile, it didn't wait for all the ice to thaw to become green and vibrant, instead it is calmly, steady and strongly choosing to be the way it wants to be in life now, not some day but now. I will carry this with me in the coming weeks and continue to get it done as it comes, knowing that  as we reached 2,000 + views on our little blog/ website, started a twitter account, sold 5 Community Supported Herbalism shares, ordered lots of amazing potatoes from Seed Savers Exchange, and set up to be a part of  M.C.T.C's sustainability fair. I realized that this is it and I am able to say that I am living life in so many ways, how I want to now, sewing seeds and plans for tomorrow but being as mindful about living life fully and vibrantly today. In closing I would like to say get off the internet and go out side and play.Image